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Introduction of the Company

Rueen Sath Tabarestan Co. was established in 2001 with the aim of improving the quality of products in the fields of industries and mines of iron ore, copper, steel industry and cement production lines in a land area of 18000 square meters with 5 production halls and an office building with an infrastructure of 5000 square meters by a group of distinguished graduates of Sharif University of Technology in Qaimshahr.

From the very beginning, by adopting the policy of providing distinctive and special products in the country, striving to maintain the quality of manufactured products and customer orientation, this company was able to quickly gain special trust and credit among its final consumers, such as mining, steel, pellet making and cement industries.

Rueen Sath Tabarestan Co., with the support of a good name in the country’s industry, using its technical knowledge and valuable experience, and relying on the technical power of Tabaristan Holding, has focused its strategy on the implementation of various industrial and mining projects as EPC.

Production of Double-layered and Hard-coating Sheets

Rueen Sath Tabarestan Co. having acquired technical knowledge from German Corodur company, is one of the largest manufacturers of double-layered anti-erosion sheets in Iran, which, with up-to-date equipment, is capable of hard coating the inside and outside of all types of cones and pipes.

The useful life of double-layered anti-erosion sheets is several times more than that of hardened carbon steel sheets, and having confirmation from consumer companies is a proof of the good quality of this company’s sheets.

The above mentioned sheets can be provided in a cut form in various sizes with a maximum dimension of 3000 x 1500 mm according to the thicknesses in the fallowing table.

Introducing our team

مهندس عیسوی
Edwin Esavi Sales Manager
خانم کیانی
Salva Kiani Sales Expert
مهندس خسروی
Abdolreza Khosravi CEO
خانم ثامری
Soad Sameri Market Development Manager
مهندس کریمیان
Siamak Karimian Sales Manager

Fields of activity of Rueen Sath Tabarestan Co.